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Involved Wellness

Involved Wellness

Involved supports a healthy work-life balance and takes great strides to support and promote employee wellness. Involved Wellness offers programs including walking and fitness challenges, on-site massages, exercise facility reimbursements, healthy smoothie breaks, and lunch-and-learn programs covering many subjects including nutrition, fitness, and mental health.

Employee Assistance

Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we offer our employees work-life balance support for everyday challenges such as childcare, health, relationships, financial planning, stress management, and career development.

Involved YOUniversity

In a fast-paced industry full of interruptions, it can be challenging to set aside the time it takes to stay ahead of the curve. So, we launched Involved YOUniversity – a day each quarter where business as usual shuts down, and our teams dedicate the day to perfecting their craft, expanding their knowledge and staying ahead of what’s next.

Tuition Assistance/ Conferences & Seminar Attendance

All employees are encouraged to attend company-paid conferences and seminars to continue to broaden their knowledge, and tuition assistance is offered to those who wish to expand their horizons through continuing education.

Fitness Facility Reimbursement

Employees that are active members of an exercise facility may be eligible for reimbursement of a portion of their membership fees on an annual basis.

Mental Health Allowance

Involved introduced a new mental health allowance for both employees and their dependents, increased coverage for mental health services, hosted company-wide training on mental health stigma, and facilitated multiple mindfulness & meditation sessions over a 3-month period. Two members of the senior leadership team have received a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certification, and later in 2022 all people managers will be trained in MHFA.