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Brand: Home Appliance Brand

Involved Media

The challenge

To build brand awareness and increase market share 

Keen to step outside of their purely digital media mix and embrace big, bold ideas, they approached Involved Media to help them strengthen their position as a leader in home appliances. The brand assumed that its core target audience were all price sensitive – or were they?  

The Solution

We knew we must ground our approach where it really matters: in data. Our findings revealed two distinct audience missions that challenged the brand’s thinking. While top-range home appliances might be seen as investment pieces, catering to those in the aspirational design phase, there were also those in reactive mode, facing an everyday crisis such as their washing machine breaking.  

The same products were being purchased, but with drastically distinct motives at play. Our media strategy must dial things up, stepping into expansive new territories such as sponsorship and out-of-home, while recognising the important nuances between the two audience mindsets.  

Involved Media successfully managed to shift the brand’s perception of its target audience in this new market, providing them with a solid blueprint to take forward when engaging their customers’ future shopper missions.  


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