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Brand: Private Aviation

Involved Media

The Challenge

Generating new Customer Acqusiton. 

Generate qualified leads of high-net-worth individuals interested in private jet travel while attributing leads to offline conversions and reducing the overall new customer acquisition cost.

The Solution

Uutilizing Facebook’s and Instagram’s lead form ads to decrease the cost per lead and increase conversion rates. Highly engaging static and video creative were incorporated to attract users, with a variety of placements used to increase reach. A mix of 1st party data, third-party income layers, and native targeting options ensured that ads were only served to relevant audiences. New audiences were routinely cycled in to maintain consistent quality and minimize the negative effects of over-saturation. A multi-channel full-funnel approach was implemented to prospect on social, retarget programmatically, and engage in competitive conquesting via search ads.

The Result

Involved Media met the client’s goal of generating offline conversions at an average CPA less than half of new membership initiation cost. There was a 39.53% overall CPA decrease YoY, a 47.36% sales lift YoY, and a 62.63% increase in lead quality YoY.

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